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Start a new e-commerce with Magento or upgrade from Magento 1 to 2


Magento has always been an essential part of our business and has been one of our cornerstones at ZenDev. We aim to grow together with our customers. Whether you want to start a brand new e-commerce with Magento or need to upgrade from Magento 1 to 2, we are here for you!

We are here to see if Magento platform is a good fit and the right choice for your business, so that you can give the best customer experience on your Magento site. We have completed our projects together with our customers, large and small and have several Magento teams that work both internally and for our customers. Therefore, we can call ourselves a recognized Magento supplier with solid experience. We will get your Magento website up and running and bring your eCommerce business vision to life.

We care about you as our customer and together with us you will get endless opportunities to tailor your e-commerce to your specific needs.


What we can help you with:


Magento e-commerce


Full set of new Magento e-commerce

Operation of existing Magento store


Operation of existing Magento store

Support agreement Magento Commerce site

Support agreement on existing Magento Open

Migration Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2  

•	Connection external APIs Magento site

Connection between external APIs & Magento site

Integration with business systems, a single platform

Integrating business systems


Magento FAQ 


Magento is an open-source technology platform for your eCommerce store, that is now part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Magento is used for managing all pages for your website. Magento open source provides online retailers flexible shopping cart structure, as well as control over the functionality of the online store. The Magento eCommerce platform offers tools for marketing, search engine optimization, and catalogue management.


A Magento theme is a component that provides a visual design using a combination of custom templates, styles, or images for your Magento store, including the storefront. There is a wide range of standard Magento themes to choose from. For more custom made themes you have to buy a third-party theme for your store.


Magento eCommerce platform runs best on an Apache or Nginx server, but It can also run on a Windows server.


Since June 2020, Adobe ended their support for Magento 1. x release line, for both Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. You will no longer receive any updates for security or feature.


Magneto 2 is the latest version of Magento and runs much faster than Magento 1. Magento 2 provides a faster, easier shopping experience for your customers. Since 2020, Magento 1 is not being supported by the publisher anymore.


Meet Magento is a global eCommerce event-series that is organized in more than 40 countries. The event is for all companies who are active in commerce or distribution and have an interest in how Magento's ecosystem can help to grow Magento merchant’s businesses.


Magento open-source can be downloaded for free and there are possibilities to extend and configure the platform to suit your business, giving you access to a vast range of extensions and themes. The Magento pricing is flexible and can vary due to a variety of factors. The total cost depends on the overall eCommerce solution.

The Magento premium version of Magento Commerce pricing is based on the total cost of your store's online average order value and annual revenue, the prices starting at $2000 a month. Contact us at ZenDev so that we together can look over your business and requirements and find the best solution for your eCommerce platform solution.


Magento Hosting is a plan for web hosting, providing compatibility with Magento eCommerce platform and necessary business features such as an SSL certificate and compatibility with third-party solutions including email marketing and Google Analytics.


Yes, Magento can run from shared hosting. It is important to make sure that the hosting provider is optimized for your Magento platform, else it won't be compatible, and you might experience problems with slow performance.


Magento has a setting for calculating taxes and displaying tax-inclusive prices for each item. Magento rounds up the tax for each item and then adds them together to get the tax total.


Magento extensions are add-ons that allow store owners to add custom features to their online store, which are not offered in the available standardized services.


You need a point of sale (POS) system to enable streamlining of the payment processes. It works like a hub where it merges everything in your business that is related to payment such as inventory, sales, and customer management. There are countless POS systems on the market right now both for small businesses and large businesses, so there is a good fit for everyone. Contact us at ZenDev so that we together can define your business needs, come up with a budget that suits your business and decide on a POS system type for your needs.


Magento API is a framework / protocol that easily allows systems to "talk" to each other, through a structured way data is transferred from one place to another. Magento API offers a method for maximizing web services to enable communication with the Magento platform. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representation State Transfer) are among the main features which are supported.


Magento Connect, also called Magento Marketplace is, as the name suggests, a marketplace for Magento forum members and partners. Here they can share their solutions with each other such as extensions, themes, and language packages that they have developed. There are both applications that are free and others that you must pay for.


The Magento modules are related to a specific business function, devices that are adapted for Magento with supporting logic, while Magento themes only affect the appearance of, among other things, the storefront appearance and your customers' user experience. You can install them both on your webpage and when you no longer need them, you can either delete or disable them at any time.


If you are not sure where to start, contact us so that we together can set up a plan and choose the right way to go for your Magento Store.

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