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Discover how our SEO, paid search, and checkout migration strategies helped MRI company succeed.


About the company

Magnetlabbet is a Swedish-based company offering magnetic camera examinations to individuals and businesses. The company provides efficient and fast image diagnostics using the latest medical equipment. 

By utilizing cutting-edge magnetic camera technology, Magnetlabbet provides accurate and reliable results. Their mission is to help patients and clients better understand their health conditions.


Duration of the project

2022 - 

The challenges

Business Challenges:

The first business challenge Magnetlabbet faced when they contacted ZenDev to consult was related to their paid advertising efforts. They needed help to get the desired results out of Google Ads advertising, which restrained their marketing efforts. 

The second challenge was that they needed a well-developed SEO strategy; not having one resulted in them not reaching as much audience as possible and weak brand visibility.

Technical Challenges:

Besides business, Magnetlabbet was also facing some technical challenges. For example, their website and e-commerce shop were mostly hardcoded by their previous development partner, making it hard to add new content without the developer's involvement. 

This limitation led to a higher website maintenance cost for simple tasks such as adding text sections to the pages. 

Additionally, their checkout solution needed to be fully conversion rate optimized.

That meant they needed to integrate a better checkout solution to provide their users with a better experience. 

Together with the Magnetlabbet team, we identified and solved the most significant pain points, ensuring the company's online presence was improved and optimized.

The solution

During our collaboration, we helped Magnetlabbet overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Firstly, we integrated Klarna checkout into the website and the integration with BankID. As a healthcare provider in Sweden, Magnetlabbet must follow all quality management and law practices to secure a convenient way of electronic identification on their website.

Secondly, we helped Magnetlabbet migrate their hardcoded parts of the website to a drag-and-drop builder, which allowed the majority of the content on the front end to be editable without the need for development support. 

This solution enabled the Magnetlabbet team to build pages faster and publish content, cutting development costs and improving overall efficiency.

Our marketing team correspondingly developed a Google Ads search strategy for Magnetlabbet and secured growth in paid conversions by 445%. 

Additionally, we assisted in setting the foundation for writing SEO-optimized content. SEO services included conducting keyword research and content guidelines for their team to produce. 

With the help of Robinize (ZenDevs SEO content optimization tool), which they use for content creation, Magnetlabbet saw an increase in organic traffic by 82.6% and organic conversions by 110% in the last year.

Our collaboration with Magnetlabbet is ongoing, and we continue to track progress and make improvements to the website, search engine marketing, and SEO. 

It is an excellent example of synergy when a partner is ready to learn, test, and grow to get the best possible business results. 

Our team is pleased to have been a part of this journey, and we look forward to helping Magnetlabbet achieve great success in the future.


  • 82.6% increase in organic website visitors.

  • 110%  increase in organic conversion rate.

  • 445% increase in paid conversion rate.

From the beginning, the ZenDev team has immersed themselves in our needs, goals, and long-term visions. We've been assigned a dedicated point of contact for our digital marketing and development needs at ZenDev. Pleased with their commitment and going the extra mile, we now consider them a part of our internal team and value their work, which has evolved into a friendship.


Zoubir Bachir Aouad

Manager at Magnetlabbet



  • 82.6% increase in organic website visitors.

  • 110%  increase in organic conversion rate.

  • 445% increase in paid conversion rate.

Duration of the project

2022 - 



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