About Zen

We code brilliant ideas into successful online businesses

  • Who we are

    A domain agnostic software development agency with an entire tech team educated in business success development for a next-level consulting experience

  • What we do

    We take your initial ideas through our discovery process, create a prototype, implement a web/mobile-based solution, and help you take it to the market

Meet our Founders

Some 20 years ago in Gothenburg (Sweden), Senad and Nikola met and became friends sharing the love for basketball, the Balkans, and later IT.

Their paths have been constantly intertwined ever since: they studied software engineering together at Chalmers Technical University, and worked in the Silicon Valley, California at the same time. 
They realized that their skills and knowledge would be a solid foundation for a great software development company.

They have landed their first client - Senad came to Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) at the end of 2016th and gathered a team of three.

Nikola landed in Sweden to ensure more clients - and rest is history. 

In the years since ZenDev has worked on a wide array of unique projects providing complete turnkey solutions for clients from various industries all around the world. 

Zen Process
  • Background

    The aspiration to give back to the Balkans

    The personal mission of our founders was the aspiration to give back to the Balkans by building a community for engineers with extensive knowledge of programming languages and engineering principles. The first office in Mostar started with three people. Today, 80+ people and three offices later, we strive to keep our work unique and smart.

  • Mission

    Building an innovation ecosystem

    ZenDev's mission is to create an innovation ecosystem, with products recognized on a global market. We create first-class IT solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Our relationship on each project is approached individually, success-focused, and carefully deliberated.


Driving force behind inspiring people and inventive products.

  • Growth

    Create an environment where we can learn, work with heart and have fun while doing so. 
    We know that by investing in knowledge we support the desire for progress.

  • Commitment

    Delivering projects on time and investing all of our knowledge, skills, and resources to do so are our priorities. We are serious when it comes to our clients.

  • Feedback

    Honesty, trust and feedback are something we are trying to maintain in ZenDev. We kindly encourage our people to say what they think and express their satisfaction or concern.

  • Community

    We would like to be an inspiration for other companies around us as well as for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Fondly built by dedicated development, design and marketing experts.

One thing we are especially proud of is our ZenCulture. ZenDev is a mosaic of various personalities that learn and thrive together.

Our core strength comes from the devotion of our experienced co-workers. Explore opportunities and grow with our team in the creative technology space.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dr. Ante Starčevića bb (Integra) 
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Bosnia & Herzegovina

Džemala Bijedića bb 
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