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4 September, 2023

We are thrilled to invite you to our first meetup event in Gothenburg! We will delve into the concept of nearshoring in greater detail, and share practical examples from our experience in nearshoring, highlighting how we have successfully…

28 June, 2023

  • 6 minutes

ZenDev Holding does two things. We deliver software development and marketing services and create our own tech product companies. We played with the idea of a profit share model primarily because we were using up a lot of our profits to reinvest…

24 March, 2023

Magento 2 PWA (Progressive Web App and headless Magento) theme Venia offers an excellent starting point for e-commerce businesses and a great user experience. However, the Google Pagespeed score in the theme is really bad, and it looks like it will…

14 November, 2022

  • 4 minutes

When you mention app building, you can not help but think of Angular. It is a javascript framework for creating modular single-page apps. Since it is so widely used, Angular deserves a series of articles so let this be the…

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