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The implementation of a web application with distinct panels for different user roles

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About the company

Meela matches people to their best-fit therapist powered by a research-based matching algorithm, taking into account personal preferences, psychological needs, and symptoms. Their solution is 25 times more effective than other providers, ensuring clients establish a relationship with their therapist. 

By delivering personalized psychotherapy, enhancements are observed in clinical outcomes, leading to an overall improvement in both mental and physical well-being.

Operating in Sweden with over 300 psychotherapists and psychologists connected to the Meela platform.

The challenges

While Meela had a unique algorithm for therapist-patient matching, their process of connecting patients with therapists was entirely manual, relying on Excel sheets and human intervention. The need for manual comparison and appointment scheduling extended the time from questionnaire submission to therapist selection, leading to potential clients waiting for 7-15 days.

With a manual process, Meela faced challenges in scaling up its operations.

After the manual merging process, Meela lost all information about further cooperation with clients and therapists. This lack of continuity in data hindered the ability to track progress, follow up on sessions, and ensure a seamless therapeutic journey. Valuable insights that could aid in refining the matching algorithm were lost.

Meela needed a reliable partner to build an efficient and scalable system to implement their algorithm, which will help them to offer faster and more accurate therapist suggestions and track the progress of the therapy journey. 

The solution

Through the implementation of a web application with distinct panels for different user roles, ZenDev introduced an automated, and efficient system.

1. Multi-Panel Web Application: ZenDev's solution incorporated three distinct panels - the super admin panel, the therapist admin panel, and the patient's panel. This multi-panel approach allowed for streamlined management, efficient administration, and personalized experiences for each user type.

2. Secure and Swift Patient Onboarding: ZenDev leveraged the use of Bank ID for therapist sign-ins, enhancing security and ensuring the authenticity of users. This provided a smooth and trustworthy onboarding experience, which is essential in building confidence in the platform.

3. Algorithm-Driven Questionnaire: The heart of the solution lies in the algorithm-powered questionnaire. This questionnaire, tailored to the patient's needs, collected vital information and keywords to form the basis for therapist recommendations.

4. Real-time Therapist Recommendations: Upon completing the questionnaire, patients received instant therapist recommendations, eliminating the waiting period, and enabling patients to view therapist profiles and feedback immediately. Real-time suggestions ensured a quicker path to therapy and increased user engagement.

5. Scalability and Minimal Errors: ZenDev's solution was built with scalability, ensuring that the platform's performance wouldn't falter as demand grew. Automation significantly minimized the possibility of errors that could arise from manual processes. This allowed Meela to cater to a larger volume of clients while maintaining accuracy.

6. Responsive User Interface: The application is designed with responsiveness in mind. Users can access the platform from any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone without compromising the user experience.

7. Enhanced User Satisfaction: The application's user-friendly design, swift response time, and accurate recommendations greatly improved user satisfaction. Understanding the sensitivity of the field, ZenDev prioritized prompt assistance, recognizing that seeking help required immediate action.

8. Future-Ready Approach: The MVP approach taken by ZenDev allowed Meela to enter the Swedish market with a strong foundation and raise funding for future development. As Meela expands its operations and refines its offerings, the platform's architecture can easily accommodate additional features and improvements.

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