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The platform intends to solve problems like broken appliances and leaks in the house via video calls with experts, making it a convenient solution for property owners and tenants.

Mobile development

About the company

Mendy is a startup company founded by house repair and staffing experts. They had an idea to develop a digital platform that connects repair services and handymen with property owners in Sweden, making it easy for people to schedule virtual repairs via video call. 

The platform intends to solve problems like broken appliances and leaks in the house via video calls with experts, making it a convenient solution for property owners and tenants. Mendy aims to revolutionize how home repairs are done in Sweden to make it more accessible for everyone.


React, React Native, Laravel, PostgreSQL, PHP

Duration of the project

06/2022 - Today 

The challenges

The Mendy team recognized that to successfully connect repair companies with users such as homeowners and landlords; they need to establish a clear structure and process for communication and administration flow. However, they faced a challenge in building a new product that did not exist on the market yet, so they relied on hypotheses and feedback they’ve gotten over the years in the home repair industry. 

In collaboration with the Mendy team, we needed to identify which type of application (mobile app or web app) would best suit the stakeholders in the MVP scope.

Since the core of this new product was the video call, the most important thing was to have a video call service that was perfect for Mendy’s requirements. The rest of the application's architecture needed to be built around the video call. In addition, it was also crucial to have a super easy and intuitive interface so that the end users could get help within a few clicks in the mobile app.

The solution


When we first began our collaboration with the Mendy team, our UX/UI team focused on designing a seamless flow for handymen to register on the app, connect with users in need of assistance, and for users to register and request video calls quickly. 

As the Mendy team's needs evolved, we expanded our scope of work with multiple designs and flows for the platform's super admin, expert, and company portions. 

Mobile application

With the resources provided by the client, we built the mobile application using React Native technology since it allowed us to use the same codebase for iOS and Android platforms. We incorporated the Firebase package to deploy the app on the App Store and Google Play and integrate it with other Google services such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. 

As mentioned, we integrated an external system that complies with GDPR and is known for its stability, dedicated support, and well-developed SDK tools to ensure secure and reliable video calls within the application. Finally, as the application required in-app payments, we integrated third-party services such as Bank ID, Swish, Klarna, and Stripe for ease of use and security.

Admin panel 

To create the admin panel front-end, we used React.js. Our developers developed a view where the super admins have an overview of all companies, users, experts, and handymen. The users can track analytics such as the number of successful calls, problems solved, reviews, and how many cases are ongoing, closed, or in progress. In addition, companies can register to their panel and add their company information, state the services they provide, and share information about their employees.

To connect everything in the backend, we've chosen Laravel, PHP as a solution for the technology, and PostgreSQL as the database solution, as it is the preferred database by industry experts used together with Laravel to ensure seamless database functioning. 

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team is an extended service to our development team, helping our clients to market their finished products on multiple platforms. We assisted the Mendy team by conducting detailed keyword research for an SEO strategy to target the right audience with search engine optimization and Google Ads. 

Our team also took care of the analytics tracking to ensure the seamless creation of the reports with the Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Mixpanel app tracking.

As a data-driven agency - we’ve customized the platforms for clients in a way that they can track important metrics such as (CAC) Customer acquisition costs, (CLV) customer lifetime value, and (MRR) monthly recurring retention, download, and sign-up rates in a convenient way to help bring out future strategic decisions.

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Duration of the project

06/2022 - Today 


  • React
  • React Native
  • Laravel
  • PostgreSQL
  • PHP

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