About us

[about_us about_heading=”About us” about_para=”In July 2016, we decided to create a bridge between Bosnia and Sweden. We are two former students from Chalmers University of Technology who grew up in Sweden, with roots from the Balkans. By frequently visiting the area, we know the IT landscape and the high level of personal ambition. We have identified a large number of talented individuals in Bosnia and also seen the increased demand of IT-solutions in Sweden. We matched talent with the high demand of IT and the result was ZenDev – a place where talent and jobs meet. A new generation of young talented people are ready to meet world wide IT challenges!” left_right=”left” img_url=”” video_src=””]

[about_us about_heading=”Reliability, quality and professionalism” about_para=”ZenDev is about understanding IT. Everything we do is based on reliability, quality and professionalism. With a background in web development and search engine marketing, we understand what kind of skills and qualities that is required to secure our customers future. In our office in Mostar, we have an office with a project manager who is fluent in English, Bosnian and Swedish. ZenDev has had a flying start and continues to grow. We understand IT, and therefore make sure to present only the best consultants to our customers!” left_right=”right” img_url=”” video_src=””]




Östra Larmgatan 16, 411 07 Göteborg