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Our Story


On a basketball court in one of Gothenburg's gyms, the ZenDev founders met for the first time. Since then they've had similar paths in life. They both studied software engineering at Chalmers Technical University. Apart from having the passion for basketball in common, they also have the Balkans in common, - Nikola, who was born in Sweden has his roots in Montenegro from his father's side, and Senad, born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, but fled with his family to Sweden during the war in former Yugoslavia.

After college, they would have separate career journeys in IT, but would reunite again to conclude that the market is in need of quality flexible technical solutions. With their previous experience and knowledge, they created a new business model to cover the gap in the market. In the same breath, a more personal mission arose - the willingness to give back to the Balkans. The result was ZenDev - A company with offices in Gothenburg Sweden, and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


ZenDevs mission is to help realize digital dreams. The starting point is always organisation, as well as the demands, needs and requirements. Based on that we customize solutions and guide our clients through the IT-diungle. Whether the need is technical counselling, the wish to create a mobile application, or freshen up an outdated web application - ZenDev can customize a solution for you.

We at ZenDev are developers, engineers and designers. With our different niche competencies, we build teams based on our clients' needs. Our partners are in different places around the world and in different sectors. So whoever you are, and what your challenges are, you are always welcome to get in touch with us!


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21 May 2020

One thing that ZenDev focused on when launching an office in Bosnia & Hercegovina, was to improve overall standards. One vision that we had from the start, was to have a great office with a ...


Owners / Founders


Senad Santic


A serial entrepreneur passionate about startups and software development.


Nikola Mirkovic


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