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2000 Magento 1 Stores Hacked in Largest Magecart Attack So Far

The attack was performed through an automated Magecart campaign and has endangered the private and card information of thousands of customers.

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Anđela Cvitković

(SPA) Single Page Application Mobile Development Best Practices

With users splitting between different platforms (e.g. Android, iOS, WP) and constant framework changes, it became quite challenging and tedious to keep up with all the changes.

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Hadis Durmiš

Senad on FACE TV speaking on entrepreneurship.

In the interview, Senad talks about everything from his childhood to about what it was like when he and his family fled to Sweden from war-torn former Yugoslavia, to his upbringing in Gothenburg, his dreams of becoming a basketball player, and his relationship with Nikola, which he eventually studied with at Chalmers Technical University with and started ZenDev with.

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Ivan Čović

Choosing the right mobile development language in 2020

Native or Cross Platform, what’s the whole discussion? Since the beginning of smartphones and mobile app development, the IT industry has been trying to figure out how to create a solution which lets you write one code base that works on all platforms. But it's 2020, and the discussion is still ongoing. Even though Windows phones are out of the game for some years now, writing code for two separate platforms can still be a burden for various reasons. Before we go into details of different Cross Platform solutions, let’s take a look at general pros and cons in the natvie vs cross platform discussion.

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Senad Santic


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"Fanny Falkenberg is one of the people behind the initiative “Seniorval” which is Sweden's most popular information service for the elderly at the moment. Along with two colleagues, she shared the dream of changing the image of working in the elderly care. The result was Go Care - a digital rallying point, for the entire elderly care industry and the people who want to work in it. The goal was to show the possibilities in elderly care."

Go Care

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