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Subscribe to our social media channels to keep up with the latest news, videos and discussion topics related to technology, entrepreneurship and startups.

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Magento vs Shopify - Which is the right eCommerce platform for you?

Choosing the right platform for your eCommerce business is one of the most important decisions for your online business. All eCommerce platforms have their unique assets that can determine the success of your eCommerce store. Shopify and Magento are the two biggest eCommerce platforms in the battleship for the best eCommerce platform. Their differences are large when it comes to specific areas such as development, ease of use, SEO, hosting, etc. In this article, we will point out the best features of each platform that can help you save time and get your eCommerce website results.

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Dario Vranjković

How to give limited JIRA access to guest users

We can all agree that JIRA is great software. However, if you've tried to configure it, then you know that the simplest tasks can get too complicated. In this article, we will explain how to configure the JIRA cloud so that the guest users can have limited access to certain projects. Limited access feature comes in handy when you need to invite clients, external users, or guests to your JIRA but don't want to give them access to all your projects. NOTE: This article is based on a default JIRA cloud configuration, so your base configuration could look different.

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Nikola Mirkovic

It Students: How To Get A Job In It Industry Without Prior Experience?

It is well known that students are always worried if they will find work after graduation. Of course, people are always looking to hire employees with experience or a good internship. But today I am going to tell you my story and tell you something that you maybe don't know. This one goes out for all the IT students. Ready? Well, here goes. What if you don’t need an internship to get experience?

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Senad Santic

How To Make $100,000+ In Passive Income With A Website

Would you believe me if I told you that I made over $100,000 in passive income from Google AdSense with a website I built in 6 weeks, in the evenings, while I was still a student? Well, I did and if you want to find out how, continue reading.

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Senad Santic

ZenCoffee with the ambassador of the United States - Eric Nelson

Last week, U.S. Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson visited our Mostar office.

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Ivan Čović

Ignoring eCommerce Investment Could Seriously Damage Your Growth

Individuals who recognized the importance of digital have struggled for decades to convince businesses that online presence will be crucial at some point. Free to say, these challenging times could be the starting point of recognizing eCommerce investment importance.

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Anđela Čović

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