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All companies have to start somewhere. We have all been beginners at something, or stood in front of a new challenge at some point. We understand that it can be hard and complicated, but don’t worry. We will help you identify your needs, and together create a solution, an idea and/or a strategy.


Perhaps you already have a concept, a brilliant idea or a clear picture of what you want to do, but you are not quite sure how to turn it into a reality? We will support you with the implementation of the functionality with scalability in mind, customized for your purpose, needs, and budget.


Implementation is an art in itself. Luckily software development is our passion, and a big reason for why we founded ZenDev. You can trust us that your web application, mobile application or E-commerce solution will be in safe hands, no matter how customized it is, what maintenance it requires or which technology we choose to work with.


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21 May 2020

One thing that ZenDev focused on when launching an office in Bosnia & Hercegovina, was to improve overall standards. One vision that we had from the start, was to have a great office with a ...


Some of our clients

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    ’’GoCare’’ changed the perception of elderly care with the help of ’’ZenDev’’

    Fanny Falkenberg is one of the people behind the initiative “Seniorval” which is The Sweden's most popular information service for the elderly at the moment. Along with two colleagues, she shared the dream of changing the image of working in the elderly care. The result was Go Care - a digital rallying point, for the entire elderly care industry and the people who want to work in it. The goal was to show the possibilities in elderly care.

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    ’’LoopMe’’ changes the way in which schools operate with their digital platform tool

    ’’Me Analytics’’ company offers Sweden's schools ’’Loop me’’, whose purpose is to follow up and deepen learning and personal development. ’’LoopMe’’ is built upon the latest research on learning methods in schools and working life practice. LoopMe’s philosophy is to learn through teaching others.

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    "Zynka" is extending their internal software development team with "ZenDev"

    Zynka is an expert in ''building information modeling'' and delivers innovative digital solutions, in construction and property domain. There is an idea now to create a digital portal for landlords, which can be used for new buildings. We were missing the competencies and capacity to build portal ourselves.


Collaborate with us


Project team

Some challenges require more action than others. When your project is clearly defined with a clear deadline, we can support you in delivering what is expected. By being flexible and focusing on business value, we work with you till the finish line. We work with with managed projects and a SCRUM/Kanban methodology, which means that we work together by a backlog. A prioritized and dynamic list of requirements based on feature requests. The road to the destination is often more crooked than one would imagine initially, but despite that we make sure that your journey is safe and the outcome creates genuine value.


Dedicated team

Companies grow and evolve. Sometimes you simply run out of arms, legs, and heads to do the job. Your team at ZenDev works only with your company and functions simply as an extension of your IT-department. You can feel safe that the dedicated team is well integrated into your own organization, understands your challenges, and helps in moving your organization forward.



Nobody can do everything. Sometimes there is a need to take in a specialist. Here we can help you specify which competence and resources you need, and match it with the right people at ZenDev. if we can’t find the perfect match, then we make sure to find one in our broader network.

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