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We at ZenDev have long offered our expertise within WooCommerce, where we specialize in more complex solutions. We tailor the platform through integration with business systems, cash register systems (pos), or other external APIs, making your WooCommerce store easy to manage.


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new e-commerce Operation woocommerce


Full set of a new e-commerce Operation of existing WooCommerce e-commerce

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Supportavtal för WooCommerce


Support agreement for existing e-commerce Integration to other platforms or systems

WooCommerce FAQ 


WooCommerce is a free open source plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to your online store. WooCommerce provides access to basic functions for managing products, orders and customers both physical goods and digital goods. The basic functions of WooCommerce can be expanded with a number of additional functions.


WooCommerce is free, but there are still some costs involved in launching a new store. WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform because it is flexible when it comes to WooCommerce pricing. Contact us so that we together can see your needs and choose the right way to go for your business.


WordPress does not support a multilingual site. But with the WooCommerce plugin connected to WordPress or other systems, you can get a multilingual WooCommerce store.


There are different plugins for cart and page checkout. An example is the Checkout Field editor which provides an interface to add, edit, and remove fields that show on the page checkout.


A theme is a template that determines the way that your online store looks and feels. Different themes have different styles and layouts and offer a different experience for your customers. The themes give you an easy way to apply a stylish design to your store. WooCommerce can be used with any WordPress theme but we recommend choosing a WooCommerce-theme made specifically for WooCommerce websites.

There are a bunch of available WooCommerce templates and themes to choose from, both paid and free WordPress themes. The abundance of choices can make it difficult for a beginner to choose the right design. Contact us at ZenDev so that we can help you narrow them down. Here are a couple of good mobile friendly WooCommerce themes that we recommend; Storefront, Neve, Astra, and Ocean WP.


A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to your online stores, such as enabling drag-and-drop page builder, and reporting and email automation tool plugin. There are WooCommerce and third-party plugins to install to your WooCommerce store, both free and paid once. Here a couple of popular plugins we recommend; Stripe, OptinMonster, LiveChart, Metorik, Product Prices and Booster for WooCommerce.


Storefront is a free intuitive and flexible theme developed by WooCommerce for desktops, tablets, and phones. It is one of the most widely used themes for WooCommerce stores giving you perfect display options. There are also WooCommerce extensions for the Storefront plugin making it even better, expanding your control, customization abilities, and giving you everything you need to get your store up and running.


The Stripe plugin for WooCommerce is a simple way to accept payments online. It lets you accept payments directly on your store, allowing customers to stay on your site during checkout and not being redirected to an externally hosted checkout page. This will lead to higher conversion rates. Stripe has no setup or monthly fees, and no hidden costs and it is both for desktop and mobile.


The WooCommerce Fortnox plugin syncs information from WooCommerce to Fortnox when an order in WooCommerce gets the status "processing" or "completed". The synchronization of data that runs includes customers, orders, inventory, product price, and articles.


There is a Klarna Checkout plugin for WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via Klarna on your WooCommerce store. What you need is an agreement with Klarna specific to the new platform to use this plugin. Klarna Checkout is available in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The Swish plugin can be installed and automatically connected to your WooCommerce page. The customer can then choose Swish as a payment option in the WooCommerce store. Through the Swish API Plugin, a payment request is sent to the customer's Swish app pre-filled with your company name and the amount for the payment is sent via the order confirmation to customers in WooCommerce.


Attributes add extra data to your WooCommerce products that users can filter products on. The WooCommerce widgets filtering lets you give every product its own attributes, for example, colour, size, etc. Attributes are also useful when searching for products.


Adding extensions to your solution will allow you to add more advanced e Commerce features. You can choose from hundreds of free and paid eCommerce extensions across all of your online stores' logistical, technical, and marketing needs. The most popular e Commerce extensions for your WooCommerce store are WooCommerce Shipping, WooCommerce Tax, and Google Analytics.


WooCommerce REST API lets you have a lot of data stored in a program like WordPress and interact with the data in another application. The REST APIs let developers interact with data without being restricted to a front-end interface. WooCommerce has a shipping method API that plugins can use to add their own rates.


Using WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can sell products with recurring payments which you can track and count on. Having subscription-based offers for your customers you can capture more residual revenue. With WooCommerce subscriptions, you can create weekly service subscriptions, the product of the week, or yearly product billing packages. You can add signup fees, free trials, or expiration periods. All you just need to do is to ship the orders to the customer.


Every store needs a good product page that is user-friendly and captures the customers' eyes. Nothing makes a product page more useful than product images for each item you sell. Product images help customers understand the item better and can lead to more sales for a specific product page. WooCommerce makes it simple to add product images with the WooCommerce admin dashboard.


Yes, WooCommerce has several shortcodes which help to build dynamic shop pages, that are used to insert content inside your store pages. WooCommerce shortcodes let you display information from your shop in new and exciting ways. An example is the Live Product Search Field Shortcode that shows results while the customer is typing and making it easy to add a new product to the cart. The shortcode displays the product title, a short description of each entry, the product, and the “Add to Cart” button.


WooCommerce allows you to tag your content on your store and this can get you ranked on Google as they work excellent as a source for multiplying internal links.


The WooCommerce Product Table displays your products in a nice order making it easy for your customers to navigate when searching and sorting through the selections on your site.

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