What we do

[services_wrapper][services_wrapper heading=”We meet your demand”][features_wrapper_row][features features_heading=”Web applications” features_para=”We work with creating new web applications as well as further development of existing web applications. We have a profound technical competence for common web technologies and work with both open source (PHP, Node.js), and commercial technologies (C #, .Net MVC).” features_icon=”ion-laptop” watermark=”yes” features_col_number=”2″][features features_heading=”Digital marketing” features_para=”Unlike many other IT-consulting companies the two founders run their own web startups and know what it takes to go from zero to thousands of visitors per day. We will make you visible on Google by using search engine optimization and AdWords campaigns.” features_icon=”ion-search” watermark=”yes” features_col_number=”2″][features features_heading=”Mobile applications” features_para=”We specialize in creating cost effective mobile applications, regardless which platform our customers need support with. Our service portfolio for mobile applications includes Android, iOS, and crossplatform solutions in Cordova and Ionic.” features_icon=”ion-iphone” watermark=”yes” features_col_number=”2″][features features_heading=”E-Commerce” features_para=”We offer help with everything that is required to start or further develop a successful e-commerce. From programming and design to datadriven marketing. Our service portfolio within e-commerce includes Magento and EPI Server.” features_icon=”ion-card” watermark=”yes” features_col_number=”2″][/features_wrapper_row][/services_wrapper]




Östra Larmgatan 16, 411 07 Göteborg