Why ZenDev

[services_wrapper heading=”Why ZenDev?” sub_heading=”We see talent, not limits”][services icon_class=”ion-briefcase” service_heading=”We benefit from our experience” service_para=”We have many years of experience in running our own web projects, all the way from start to finished product. These projects have attracted millions of visitors every month and have given us valuable years of software experience – and this is where ZenDev stands out. Our history as senior programmers and web entrepreneurs, gives us a huge advantage when recruiting consultans to our company – a desireble trait for our network of entrepreneurs. Eventually we got a project order overflow and this is when it was a natural next step to expand our business and also offer consulting services.” service_column=”2″][services icon_class=”ion-person-stalker” service_heading=”Always with communication in mind” service_para=”Zendev believe in close customer relations. For us, communication is key to successful IT-projects, and why we have swedish and english speaking staff in Sweden as well as in Mostar, Bosnia and Herecegovina. This gives us unique capabilities to keep good communication with our customers.” service_column=”2″][/services_wrapper]




Östra Larmgatan 16, 411 07 Göteborg